We are Petoskey Stone Media.

The A Team

We are five individuals with backgrounds in Accounting, Advertising, Business Management, Graphic Design, & Sales.


Managing Partner


Managing Partner


Graphics Expert


Marketing Coordinator


Administrative Assistant

Our Specialties


As an advertising agency, we look at all aspects of a business to make sure both business growth and business development are equally aligned to build a business to its fullest potential. From customer service to brand loyalty and from sales materials to point-of-sale displays we are dedicated to making your business grow.


In today’s competitive environment, business growth can be a daunting task for any business owner. The team members at Petoskey Stone Media, Inc. are “growth drivers!” We execute a focused plan that will achieve all your business’ goals. We specialize in “out-of-the-box” marketing and we have an arsenal of tools to use to bring your business goals to fruition.

Public Relations Services

At Petoskey Stone Media, Inc, we believe that a business is more than just a logo and a mission statement – it’s the promise you make to your clients, consumers, and community. In today’s marketplace reputation is earned, not given. Public relations can help your business establish an outstanding reputation with the highest level of respect and integrity and most of all a “good company” feeling in the community.

Online Marketing Services

As the world continues to become more digital, creating a web presence for your business is absolutely necessary. In today’s world if your business isn’t “online”, your business doesn’t exist. Everyone looks for answers to their problems online. From self-diagnosing the common cold to looking for the top brand of appliances, internet users need you to be there. With so many companies competing for business, how do you stand out online? Petoskey Stone Media, Inc. specializes in all forms of digital media including display ads, AdWords, and SEO. Petoskey Stone Media, Inc is certified in Google AdWords and Analytics.