Website Design

Websites are so much more than just letters and words on a page!

When a new website is created, there are two main goals that should be taken into consideration. The first and most important goal is to provide useful and engaging content to website viewers so that people find your website interesting and want to come back (the human side). The second reason is to make it easy for search engines to find your website. When people are using search engines like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, and are searching for things that are relevant to your business, you want your website to show up on the search engine results page (the computer/internet side).

All websites we create are responsive

Every website that we create is responsive. Well that sounds great and all, but what does it mean? Having a responsive website means that your website will “adapt” or “change to fit” the device of which it is being viewed on. For example, for every website that we create, there would be a desktop version of your website, a mobile version of your website, as well as a tablet (IPad) version of your website. So no matter what device someone is using to access your website, you can be assured that they will be viewing your website in its optimal setting.

Custom graphics, photos, and content

If you are looking to recreate your current website, we don’t just do a copy and paste of your old website. We add/create custom graphics, photos, and custom content that increases the user appeal of your website as well as enhances the website’s search engine optimization. Before we do any work, we ask fact finding questions to really understand what you want out of your website.

  • What is the main purpose/goal of the website?
  • What do you want people to do there?
  • Why would people want to come to your website?
  • What are upgrades or enhancements you would like on your website?
  • “It would be really neat if our website had/can do……”

If you are interested in creating a new website, re-do your current one, or would just like to chat about websites in general, feel free to contact Petoskey Stone Media @ 810 216-6850 or