Social Media

Facebook – Your best friend and worst enemy wrapped into one dot-com. 

Social Media Likes

With over 950 million users worldwide, Facebook is the “go-to” social media platform of choice.  Facebook is the most cost effective way to reach the most amount of people, in the shortest amount of time.  Facebook allows small businesses to compete with their larger competitors with spending only a fraction of their budget.  So what’s the catch?  Facebook is a full time job, period.

In today’s world it is crucial for a business to have a well maintained Facebook page.  In simplest terms; if you don’t have a website and a Facebook page, you don’t exist. If today’s consumer can’t find your business quickly, they may move on and search for a competitor.

Here’s a typical scenario we come across: A stressed out business owner sets up a page late one night, enters minimal details about the business and never looks at it again. There may be years between posts or before information is updated. To a new potential customer, this can give the impression that a business is closed or not doing well. We have also dealt with “ghost ship” pages, where the original administrators have deleted their account or no longer work for the company they set the page up for. This leads to a host of other issues, such as customer service issues that may have been ignored and the act of reclaiming a page. If this sounds like your situation, there is still hope! These are things that can all be fixed with a little time, effort & patience.

What makes a good Facebook Page?

A well maintained Facebook page is

  • engaging
  • entertaining
  • informative
  • exciting
  • customer service driven
  • continuously monitored

Here at Petoskey Stone Media we have years of experience with social media platforms.  We have a proven track record of success, and the ability to monitor your business’s page 24/7!  We actually get excited to see new improvements and changes to Facebook!  It’s like a Christmas present every few days!  We strive to stay on top of the latest Facebook trends including #hashtags, image sizes, ad development, apps and more.  We respond to questions, address customer comments, and report/ban suspicious activity.  We live and breathe Facebook!

If you are interested in learning more about social media or Facebook marketing, please contact Petoskey Stone Media by phone: (810) 216-6850 or by email:

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Success Stories from our Clients

Zimmerman’s Meat Market located in Marine City, Michigan is a small, old-fashioned butcher shop.  When Petoskey Stone Media took over their Facebook page there was approximately 800 fans on the page. Fast forward five years and they have over 6,600 fans!  That’s more than a grocery store with FOUR locations in the area has!  If you ask owner Bob Goike why his page has been so successful, he will tell you it’s because he didn’t have to worry about it.  Bob is able to focus on what he is good at- “cutting meat” and we are able to focus on what we are good at- “Facebook advertising”.

Yale Bakery located in Yale, Michigan is a family owned bakery.  Who would have thought a bakery would need social media management? We did!  Yale Bakery has doubled their Facebook followers in less than 5 months since allowing us to let them focus on the donuts and cakes while we focus our cameras in on all their deliciousness!